Mondo Lounge Las Vegas Modernism Weekend 2010 Sell your used designer and mid-century modern furniture on Lushpad!
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Mondo Lounge Mission Statement

The Mission of Mondo Lounge is to CREATE COMMUNITY... and provide a fun annual immersive environment for afficianados of the futuristic idealistic optimistic Mid Century Modern era of style and entertainment.

Supporting Goals: Context - Purpose - Results Statements

* Empower the Mid Century Modern enthusiast and preservation community towards succesful preservation efforts.

* Bring people together for a weekend of historic fun through cross-pollinating niche lifestyle communities, AND as a result build relationships across different fields of artistic endeavor to fuel creative activities and uplift people’s lives.

* Enable like minded individuals to meet and interact and form long lasting friendships and yes, even love relationships, AND as a result, provide fulfilling and life-affirming experience for all who participate in the event.

* Educate attendees about Mondo Lounge era topics including, but not limited to arts, architecture, music, dance, design, fashion, style, transportation, etc.

* Bring tangible financial and/or artistic benefits to all of the vendors, entertainers, presenters and participants.

* Provide qualified leads for sponsors of the event.

* Provide longer term financial benefits to the producers of the event.

* Improve brand recognition for the Lotta Living online community, SHAG the Store, and M Modern Gallery.

* Attract, create a stable, happy, dependable, smart creative crew and group of volunteers, AND retain them by engaging them in a great experience and rewarding them appropriately.


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Mondo Lounge Ultimate Retro Party and Conference themed around the lifestyle and culture of America from 1957 to 1963
brings together fans of Mid Century Modern Home Furnishings, furniture and design, Retro Vintage Fashion,
Tiki, Exotica Music, Classic Car Culture, Bachelor Pad Living, Pin-up Girls, Swing Dance Scene,
Historic Las Vegas, and the Frank Sinatra Rat Pack era

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