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Welcome to Mondo Lounge III - Las Vegas Modernism Weekend

Friday through Sunday, October 22-24, 2010, Las Vegas, NV, USA!

Everything you love in ONE Place and Time: Sophisticated, classy, fun, high-brow, vintage vendors and top notch talent circa 1957-1963. Think of Playboy's Penthouse or or a Blake Edwards movie ala The Party or an awesome party scene from Mad Men.

Mondo Lounge III will be held at the world famous
Palms Hotel And Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Room Reservations: 1-866-942-7770
Mention code AS1022D

What is Mondo Lounge?

Mid Century Modernism, Classic Las Vegas, Hollywood glamour, lounge culture, Frank Sinatra, Rat Pack shennanigans, Martinis, cocktails, vintage fashion, Atomic Age and Space Age Living, Exotica (ala Les Baxter, Esquivel), Swing Dancing, ballroom dancing, the fox trot, Eames era style, 1950s, 1960s style, Bachelor Pada, minks and black tie, Sean Connery era James Bond, sterophonic sound, Pin-up Girls, nightclub acts ala the Hot Box Girls.
And also... Tiki, Disneyland, masons, fezzes, Betty Crocker cookery, Classic Car culture, mai tais, Midmod furnishings and design for sale, classic pinups, swing dancing, 1940s style, early Elvis. All wrapped up here in Sin City - Las Vegas Baby!

What Mondo Lounge is Not?

Surf, rockabilly, tattoos, low brow, 1930s style, 1970s style, burlesque, hot rods and rock n'roll. (Not that there's anything wrong with those genres, but there are plenty o'events that cover those communities).

This one's for the Swanksters babay!

What Events Are Planned?

  • SHAG (Josh Agle) Opening Reception!

  • Classic Las Vegas Lounge Entertainment!

  • Vintage Vendors!

  • Classic Las Vegas Tour!

  • Film Screenings!

  • Special Exhibitors and Presentations!

  • Hands-on Vintage Men's Magazine Museum!

  • Java's Bachelor Pad Magazine
    "Last Call" Cocktail Party!
  • Here's just a few fun pictures from Mondo Lounge I and II:

    Art Vargas from Vegas Kieren and Erochica Mondo Mondo
    Charles Phoenix checks out the fabulous vendors kitten de ville makes an appearance Arthur Murray taught these dancers to dance in a hurry
    Java's Pinups on Parade
    The Atomic Lounge Show joined by Cherry Capri and Brini Maxwell Fez Police crazy drunken marionette blocking the view of matsumi max and friends
    Mondo Lounge Text logo

    Mystery Celebrity Guests!

    Cocktails and Dancing!

    MidCentury Modernists Unite!

    Invite yourself to the party!

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    Mondo Lounge Ultimate Retro Party and Conference themed around the lifestyle and culture of America from 1957 to 1963
    brings together fans of Mid Century Modern Home Furnishings, furniture and design, Retro Vintage Fashion,
    Tiki, Exotica Music, Classic Car Culture, Bachelor Pad Living, Pin-up Girls, Swing Dance Scene,
    Historic Las Vegas, and the Frank Sinatra Rat Pack era

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