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History of the Mondo Lounge Event

Mondo Lounge was inspired by many well-attended and well-thought-of events that serve niche interests, such as the Viva Las Vegas annual Rockabilly gathering, Tiki Oasis, Great Autos of Yesteryear, and even the Burning Man tradition.

Mondo Lounge I, 2004

The first Mondo Lounge was produced in Los Angeles, CA in Fall of 2004 by Mary-Margaret Stratton as a means to get together friends across many seemingly disparate niche communities who all shared a common thread of loving the class and quality of the bygone Rat Pack era. Mondo Lounge I was subtitled "Where Cocktail Cultures Collide." The logo was designed MM Stratton with a multi-tasking Fez-wearing Lounge man by the artist Josh Agle aka SHAG. The postcard design was done by Tiki artist Sam Gambino. And the online pinup face of the event was a photo by Winky Tiki of former Playboy Playmate, Holly Madison. Daytime actitivites included a Los Angeles vintage car rally that included the participation of AM Media Sponsor Fabulous 570 KLAC, and FM Media Sponsor 88.5 KCSN Arts and Roots Radio, the Petersen Automotive Museum, Hollywood Heritage Museum, Hollywood Erotic Museum, American Cinemateque, Hollywood Wax Museum, Hollywood Museum at the Historic Max Factor Building, and the Los Angeles Conservancy Modern Committee. The evening event was held at a historic Masonic Hall in the Los Feliz area of Hollywood. Presentations and educational exhibitions were done by notable author and entertainer, Charles Phoenix, as well as authors & historians Nathan Marsac, Eric Lynxwiler, Tony Merchell and Michael Palumbo.
Octaviao "Winky Tiki" Arizala brought out his best girls to participate in the Miss Mondo Lounge contest which was hosted by showman and impresario Maxwell deMille. Ribbons and awards were presented to all by Drag Queen Dyna Flo and DooDah Queen, Miss Cherry Capri. Miss Mondo was won by Pinup perfection, Matsumi Max!

Vendors on hand included: Tiki Todd Hackett, Ultrabettie, Capitol Ultralounge, Senor Amor La Brea Collection, Dionysus Records, Tiki Farm, Falling Cocos, Sneaky Tiki, Mister Swingarooney!, Soap Plant/La Luz, 8 Ball, Tiki Madness, Queen of Hearts, Mr. Swanky, and Allan Scura eyewear. Additional sponsorships, prizes and gifts were provided by the Caliente Tropics Resort, the Del Marcos Hotel, Atomic Ranch Magazine, Amazon Bar and Grill, the Dresden Room, Micelli's Hollywood, Fitzu, Futurama, Hollywood Book and Poster, M Modern Gallery, Modernica, Museum of Neon Art, Modify Las Vegas, Sparklett's Water, Star and Garter Magazine, Surrey Books, Swivel Industries, Tashcen Books, Tiki Ti and Capital Records Ultralounge Series.

Entertainment included sets by the Martini Kings, King Kukulele and C.B. Howlie, Lounge entertainer Buddy Worth, Count Smokula and special guest star Art Vargas and the Swank Set from Las Vegas. DJ's included Lee Joseph of Dionysus Records, Senor Amor of Molotov Cocktail, Patrick Robinson, and Kat Griffin of Madly Cocktail. Arthur Murray provided dance lessons for swingers. And the evening was capped off with a special midnight screening of the indie movie Olive or Twist at the Vista theater.

A few hundred people attended the event which planted the seeds for things to come.

An event like this was not possible without the help of a great community. In addition to all the sponsors, participants and vendors listed in this program, Mondo Lounge would like to extend additional thanks to the following people: Kristien Amer, Josh Agle, Naomi Alper, Gil Alvarado, Laura Behrman, Dave Berryman, Matt Hukilau Brown, Jim and Michelle Brown, Mark Davis, Baby Doe, Dave and Rebecca Fernandez, Danny Gallardo, Tim Glazner, Val and Cooper at Hint Mint, Nicholas Hironis, Jason Holmes, Jeff Dr. Z Hrzina, Casey Jones, Fred Johnson, Hanford Lemoore, Humuhumu, Steve Luschinger, Tim Lydeen, Rei Marquez, Eric Mellem, Peter and Mara Moody, Denny Moynahan, Nancy at the Bratstore, Chris Nichols, Robert Nudelman, Octavio, Natalie Pace, Les Perry, David Ponak, Mig Ponce, Meri Pritchett, Regent Hollywood Theaters, Peggy Rosoff, Stanley Scheff, Susan H. Schwartz, Senor, Billy Shire, Smokey, Stephanie at Swivel, Kent Sterling, Cary Stratton, Lisa Strouss, Steve Tepperman, Brett Thompson, Otto Von Stroheim, Nina Weiner, Holden Westland, Michelle Whiting, Maria Willman, Karen Wilson, And lastly, Bob Petersen and the Masonic Lodge members for being such great custodians of the wonderful lodge and for not painting over their historic Millard Sheets mural!

Mondo Lounge Atomic Frolic, 2007

Mary-Margaret met Jason "Java" Croft of Java's Bachelor Pad fame at the Miss Exotic World event in Las Vegas, 2006. After learning about his "Atomic Frolic" party in Illinois, they realized it was time to collaborate on something and together they presented "Mondo Lounge Atomic Frolic" in January, Las Vegas, 2007. This well-attended weekend showcased DJs, live music, burlesque acts, vendors and pin-up beauties from across the country. The event also served as a kick-off event for the Atomic Age Alliance with a 3 hour self driving tour booklet of architectural landmarks in the city sponsored in part by Sin City Modern. The Atomic Age Alliance was the first group of its kind in Las Vegas to bring people together about historic awareness and advocacy.

The weekend began on Friday Night with a Pajama Party and Neon bus tour conducted by Eric Lynxwiler and the Big Red Bus. Saturday's black tie optional event included an appearance by Style Network's very own Brini Maxwell! Sunday included a special showing of the indy movie "The Sophisticated Misfit" but filmaker Smee with an after movie panel with the star of the picture SHAG. And there were also screenings of both Ocean's Eleven and Viva Las Vegas presented by Hollywood Book and Poster. Additional presenters included Michelle Baldwin, Lynn Zook and Michael Weatherford. Mark Blum offered ballroom dance lessons.

Entertainers included the Atomic Lounge Show, Cherry Capri, Clouseaux, Robert Ensler as Dean Martin, George Gagliardi, the Martini Kings, Octobop, Project Pimento, Mark Tortorici and Ken Levine. Burlesque performers included Betinna May, Burlesque As It Was dance troupe, Erochica Bamboo, GoGo Amy, Kalani Kokonuts, Kitten Deville, Lolita Haze and Mia Vixen. Maxwell de Mille, Kay O'Hara Erich Orser, Kim Smith and Gigi Valient helped to host. DJs Drew Groove, Mardou & Leo, Jay Strongman, K Billy, Caesare, Joe Maggarini, Michael Shulman, Java, Senor Amor and Second Life Entertainment were all on hand to round out the sounds.

The Miss Mondo Atomic contest was won by Miss Minna. Runners up were Lilly LaBotomy, Lucy Luscious, Ivy L'Vine, Roxy Rouge, Susi, Sweetie Pie, Tana the Tattoed Lady and Vita Vixen. Fez-orama sponsored the best dressed fez contest and other vendors on hand were Allyn Scura Eyewear, Atomic Vegas, Badland Beads, BarTiki, Cinema Collectors, Coquette Furriers, Donnaland Vintage Variety, Genevieve Designs, GoGo amy, Hep Cat Pinups, La Bomba Vintage, Lampshade Lounge, Lucky LooLoo, Suzanna Anna, Swampfire Lounge, Tygerjymmy and Velvet Glass. Additional sponsors included Federal Edge, Stirrings, Liquid Salvation, M Modern Gallery, SugarKitty Corsets, Retro-a-go-go, Lili Von Schtupp, Tiki Central, Las Vegas Jr. League and PRG.

Event participation was over 300.

Additional thanks has to also go to: Brian Alexander, Josh Agle, Senor Amor, Patrick Boyce, Mateo Hukilau Brown, Eric Caiden, Adam Camp of Neu Visions Design, Susanne Couture, Steve Evans, Jonathon Foerstel, Mai-Lis Hohmeister, Chad Hyams, Kay O'Hara, Chris Jones, Hanford Lemore, Greg McCutcheon, Mark Minelli, Jay and MiShell Nailor, DD Nave, Kristen Peterson, Maya Rodgers, David Sanchez, Ben Sander, Allen Sandquist, Kevin Seiler, Shannon, Dr. Shocker, Jet Sterling, Rod and Cindra Stolk, Cary Stratton, Mark Tortoricci, Gigi Valiant, Lili VonSchtupp, Chris "Reverend" Warner, Bruce Woodbury, Las Vegas Lynn Zook

Mondo Lounge III, 2010

After the successful 2007 gathering, Mary-Margaret was determined to eventually bring the Mondo Lounge concept back to its cultural roots of Las Vegas. When Jay Nailor of M Modern Gallery approached her to help produce a party in Palm Springs in the fall of 2010, they soon both realized, this party needed to be a bigger event and it needed to be back in Las Vegas.

With sponsorship from party kings 944 magazine and Seven, this coming year may prove to be the biggest and best yet!

The Lotta Living Community

Lotta Living is an online community created by Mary-Margaret Stratton that brings together fans of Mid Century Modern design, architecture and lifestyle with the ultimate goal of historic preservation through this shared love of all things vintage. The Lotta Living community began in 1999 as an outreach of the Los Angeles Conservancy Modern Committee and now reaches to thousands of MidMod enthusiasts from across the country.

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Mondo Lounge Ultimate Retro Party and Conference themed around the lifestyle and culture of America from 1957 to 1963
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